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  • What is your concierge service?
    Our concierge service can be used for rides, errands, elderly well-checks, yardwork, housework, repair work, basically anything you can think of that will make your day or life easier. Consider Chatman Enterprises your personal assistant! Clients include individuals and businesses! Take a look at our brochure and price list!!
  • I own an AirBnB, do you work with AirBnB property owners?
    Absolutely! We actually have a division called AIR Concierge that works exclusively with AirBnB and Vrbo owners to make their client's stay an all inclusive stay. We can provide transportation to and from your property, provide maintenance during your clients stay if something breaks down, provide chauffeur and concierge services for your guests during their stay, and then take them back to the airport once their stay is over. Please take a look at our price list, we also provide meal prep and cleaning services! You can provide a true all inclusive stay for your clients. It will set you apart from other AirBnB owners and greatly increase your number of stays.
  • What Notary services do you offer?
    I am a full service North Carolina Notary Public. I provide mobile notary services including loan signing agent, apostilles, permit running etc. I am available 7 days a week for my clients!
  • What type of computer services do you offer?
    Network installation, computer repair and upgrades, tutoring, troubleshooting and remote desktop services. We also retrieve lost data from hard drives, phones, and tablets. We are AWS certified, so we can help our clients migrate to and from the cloud.
  • I am a massage therapist, can I schedule transports for my clients who need a ride to or from my office?"
    Yes! business members can use their memberships to get their clients to and from their practices. This is great for doctors, lawyers, dentists, realtors, beauticians and barbers, massage therapists, nail salons etc. who want to treat their clients like VIPs. Business members can schedule rides up to 6 months in advance and at a flat business courtesy rate!
  • How is your service different from Uber and Lyft?
    My service is private and membership based. This means that only members can schedule rides and services. Each member's ride is completely customized to their own tastes, right down to the temperature settings, radio stations, and seat preference. Consistent excellence is the only acceptable outcome for R.K. Chatman Enterprises! I provide free in-car wifi, free use of a tablet pc, and for business clients or students, there is an onboard printer available that members are free to use.
  • I am not very computer savvy, can I sign up and schedule services over the phone?"
    Absolutely! We realize that not all of our members are computer savvy or may not have access to a computer. We can help you with the sign-up and scheduling if that is your preference. Just call 919-961-0462 to sign up, or to schedule a ride or service.
  • Is there a cost for membership and how do I join?
    Membership will always be free, and getting started is very easy. 1. Sign up for your free membership. 2. Create a preferences profile so your experience will be unique to you. You can have your favorite coffee or food waiting for you when you get into the car if that is listed in your preferences profile. 3. Schedule your first ride or service. It is free!
  • Do you offer any special discounts?
    Yes! We don't just offer discounts, several of our member services are completely free for our members--Rides on Birthdays and anniversaries, trips to and from the Veterans Administration Hospital, trips to and from Chemo therapy, and the trip home for new mothers and their child are always free for our members.
  • Can I use my membership to schedule rides for other members of my household like my children for school, or my parents for appointments?"
    Absolutely! You can use your membership to make your day a little less hectic. It is the main reason our service was created. Please remember that you are responsible for the actions of those who you allow to use your membership privileges.
  • Are your rides one way or round trip?
    It is entirely up to the member's needs. You specify the specifics of each appointment.
  • Do I need a credit card to join or use your service?
    No. You do not need a credit card in order to use our service. You can always pay with a credit/debit card, but it is always entirely up to you.

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